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YO! sorry about the wait. Been reealll busy! up to my neck in studio time trying to kick out this mix tape, not to mention open mics and shows down town.

Had an interview with atm records this evening. I’ll be posting that up monday.

And i got mad love to my man low key for putting this mix tape together for me. And putting the name out.

The past weeks just been in the studio dropping tracks and feeding on ramen cups and rhymes! on that grind son.

What it’s all about. making real music. real life. real art.

True hip hop never dies but we tend to injure it pretty bad.

Workin on that supersonic flow!


Mix tape is about 30 percent done.

The reason being is just plain time and the strive for quality music.

Every track on this is tailor made to the up most funky and vivid sound.

So get ready to go far beyond what you knew…



Performing 5/5/10 in L.A

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Gonna be super dope. Alot of talent is gonna be on the mic. I’ll be Posting the pics and vid the fallowing day.

The U.A will be performing ”Wack cats”    Super old school vibe going with this one. You guys are realy going to dig it when it drops on the mix tape.

stay Far (be)yond yo!

''Give me a mic and a crowed and im happy. I couldent care less about the check...''

REAL talk from the U.A     STAY BEYOND.



FAR (BE)YOND mix tape track preview..

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As a young aspiring mc like myself (The U.A) its only right that i put my heart and soul into this mix tape. Those who have been waiting for the debut of the FAR (BE)YOND mix tape, heres a quick look at the first 5 tracks.

1. Moon light freestyle (intro)

2. Forever Souls (frappuccino cigars)

3. Never ending winter

4. Far (be)yond

5. Woods with no light (the poem deep prt.1) 


I’ll be up in the studio with my main man Low Key laying down the tracks all week. There are ten other tracks that will be listed some time next week. Stay tuned ya’ll. I’ll keep you postedddd.


Time to go Far (BE)YOND…

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Thus the start of the new era for The Urban adversary. First single will be landing may 9! Look forward to the highly anticipated mixtape by yours truly. Bringing you a good vibe to zone out to and drift far beyond your dreams into a new realm of hip hop in a way you have never heard.