U.A Talks “Never Falling”

I got to sit down with Don Bruce from ON THE COME UP mag.

He actually heard about the blog and wanted to see what The U.A is all about.

Heres a copy of what was featured on the mag.

I understand you released this just as a hint of the breeze yet to come?

yeah i actually felt like a nice little simple track would do justice as to the vibe The U.A is trying to bring. I could have released a 3 min song rhyming my balls off and still not get a point across you know?”

definitely. So is this more of the Far beyond mind-set as to what we’ll see on the mix tape?

“Yes and no. i actually did this as an intro to the cool vibes im bringing to the table. next track i release will probably be a little more old school and hip hoppy’. With my music i want to give out plenty of genres for people to zone out to.

Nice man nice. I like to see you know where you’re heading with this. Most guys coming into the game don’t know what there trying to accomplish. So at the end of the day whats next for The u.a?

“At the end of the day? Good music haha. Never Falling will forever be a sample. I think there ready for some real stuff now. I’ll be releasing two tracks next week titled “The Reel” and “Moonlight Freestyle”

The second track will have a written hook but more of a freestyle spin on the lyrics. Going to be hot.

Alright cool man. Cant wait for the mix tape…and this is dropping July?

“yeah im shooting for early/mid. July”


Big thanks to this man from ON THE COME UP. A true supporter of U.A’s music. If any one wants to feature The U.A on anything for article uses, let me know at the email to the right. Stay tuned!


“Krikeyy mate!! da U.A goin Forever & Beyond!” 🙂


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